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Which Development Board from TI do you want to see?

Posted by strube09 on May 10, 2011

A few days ago @monpjc , @JohnS_AZ and I were talking about how companies on Twitter don’t monitor their accounts for replies. So as an experiment I sent out a tweet to several companies and told them that I would buy a development board from the first company to reply.

Well a few days later I finally got a reply from Texas Instruments! So tell me what board you would like to see on my blog from Texas Instruments. Please keep in mind that I already have the MSP430 Launchpad and capacitive touch booster pack.

My front runners are:

I am leaning towards the last one. The new FRAM was mentioned on the The Amp Hour pod cast last week. I am considering Dave Jones test to see how many write commands to the FRAM we can perform before we receive back corrupt data.

I am also open to any other board from TI! So tell me what you want to see!


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Local Makers and Dale Dougherty At Founders Brewery

Posted by strube09 on April 28, 2011

Picture Courtesy of Matthew Gryczan

I recently got to attend a town hall style meeting with local hacker/makers in the Grand Rapids area at GRiD70. The meeting was organized by Dale Dougherty. For those of you who do not know him, he is the man responsible for starting Make magazine and the Maker Faire events around the country.

The meeting started with an around the room introduction of everyone. We found out that we had quite a diverse group of people there. Everyone from electronic enthusiasts and iPhone application developers to people who like to cook and make things with fabric. We even had a self-proclaimed “serial” inventor Eric Baculy that brought a Ring Fling game he invented. Published Make Magazine inventor Matthew Gryczan was there taking pictures and helping inspire people to attend and make something for this years Detroit Maker Faire. You can also check out Matthew’s Gyro car project here.

After the “formal” part of the meeting was over (and ignoring the tornado sirens) most of the group migrated over to the Founders Brewery to continue networking and getting to know each other. Eric had mentioned that it was great to get people out and try to inspire them to start making things. He even mentioned how the lost art of fun and simple things like paper footballs and cootie catchers should be explored with younger people. So what does a group of makers to do at a local pub (aside from having a few beers)? Well make our own cootie catcher of course! Ruth Terry, a local freelance writer, started folding paper. Although, forgetting exactly how it was made, a few of us were able to figure it out. We all then took a turn writing inside in a unique way. The numbers included several languages and even the number 7 written in binary (my contribution 🙂 ). It was quite a diverse cootie catcher.

Although making a cootie catcher isn’t a typical pass time at a pub it is the creative and quirky thinking that creates great things. We all were able to meet new people and make connections in our area. I was sure glad I went and hope to get involved with more gatherings like this. I have to give a big thanks to Dale Dougherty and O’Reilly Media Inc. for everything they are doing to inspire people to get out and make.

Maker Faire, for those who may not know, is a festival of people who like to make things. It is a great place to take anything you like to make, from electronics, art, robotics, knitting, faberge’ eggs etc. If you make it you can take it! Don’t have something to display? No problem come out and check out everyone’s great projects and get inspired to make something yourself. Last year Detroit’s Maker Faire attendance is estimated over 18,000 people and attendances have been well over double that in the San Mateo California Maker Faire. I encourage you to check it out and get involved. Or just build something in your own backyard. Need an idea? How about a 18 foot tall statue of Red Green breathing fire? “Why” you ask? Because you can! How about and electric cup cake car? “Why” you ask? Because no one said you couldn’t! How about a Twinkie car that shoots Twinkies? “Why” you ask? Because it is fun! Turn off the TV and start making something!


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Welcome to my new blog!

Posted by strube09 on April 5, 2011

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog. This is a first for me and I am not really sure what I will put up from week to week, but I can assure you it will be related to electronics and the electronics world…. And maybe a few other things I find interesting that I want to share 🙂

Some topics I plan to talk about / post / video post are;
Personal electronic projects
Hacker / Maker spaces interest
Replies to other electronic blogs
Feature projects I find on the web
Product teardown and reviews

Stay posted and send me your comments and suggestions for the blog.

Thanks again!

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